Who is behind DateNight XO?

Hey, my name's Adam.

About Adam Busch

I've always been a romantic, yet I've always had a difficult time figuring out how to plan out a completely new adventure for a date.

Also, I get really excited seeing happy couples. I'm that friend that "awes" at you when you and your special someone are together. I'm that friend that tells the two of you that I'm happy you two met. And then I ask you, have you checked out this place to watch the best sunsets in Sacramento - and then I give you the directions.

Searching for something new that is fun or exciting or romantic or crazy or unique or ridiculous can be difficult - a few ideas thrown at you that you didn't have to think up yourself is sometimes just what you needed. And that's why I'm here!

So, I send a weekly email of date ideas that can be found around greater Sacramento and then add those ideas to my website for future reference.

I hope you sign up because I can't wait to hear about your adventures!



What is DateNight XO?

I created DateNight XO because I had a hunch that I wasn't the only one who had a hard time figuring out what to do for a new date.

New memories and experiences provide us new opportunities to learn about one another. While a few date ideas on hand is always useful for a new couple, DateNight XO becomes really fun for the couple going out for their 50th, 100th, (dare I say it?) 1000th date night.

You see, Sacramento is both vast and small - there are adventures awaiting in all of its corners (and it doesn't even take that long to get there) and DateNight XO is here to reveal those adventures in a fun weekly email.

Right now, I just want to send you an email once a week with some great ideas around Sacramento, Roseville, Folsom, Rocklin and the areas in between. Some of these ideas happen every week, some are only happening temporarily, and some are just date ideas for at home in case you're on a budget, or want to keep your date night simple.

Since date nights are really just the result of a caring relationship, I'll also send you random bits of information that you can use on your partner such as how to say I love you in different languages, weird pick up lines to make them laugh, and maybe a short summary of an intereting talk or essay on love and relationships. That sort of thing.

As I get a sense of what you like, what you don't, and how you want to receive your Sacramento date night ideas, DateNight XO will evolve.

I'm ready for this adventure. I hope you enjoy being a part of it.