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Ways to Add More Cuteness to Your Relationship

Cuteness is all about affection. When two people display lots of affection towards one another, it's contagious for each of them to continue. Sometimes it's difficult to get there, though. More often than not, it's not a lack of love or affection, but just getting out of your head and the stress that comes from other areas of your life and inserts itself right into your relationship.

We already have our date ideas for getting you out of your daily-stress-mindset. But, we thought it would be good to list some easy ways to help get the cuteness out and show affection to your partner. Enjoy!

  1. Add more touch!

    Sometimes we forget to let our partner know that we are there for them through touch. Many people experience intimacy and closeness through touch, so if you have noticed that you might not take advantage of using touch to show affection, you should get on it!

    Simply grab your partner's hand when they least expect it and give it a warm squeeze. Or, throw in a short, ten second neck massage nonchalantly here and there. Or just come up and give them a big long hug.

    They'll appreciate these things.

  2. Add more compliments!

    We also forget to compliment our partner sometimes. Keeping an eye out for ways to make your partner feel good and express the way you feel about them with your voice can add tiny little perks here and there for their day.

    Hearing kind things about ourselves from someone we value is a wonderful thing and many experience affection through spoken word.

    So, throw out some compliments to your partner more often. Look for unexpected ways to tell them how you appreciate them or how they are doing well at something.

  3. Do a Random Chore

    If your partner really appreciate an extra hand around the house then doing a random extra chore can actually be a great way to show affection. It might not be the most fun, but it can really hit a home run if done subtly and casually.

    Some easy ideas: fill up their gas tank when they need it, vacuum, premaking meals, decluttering the living room, you get the idea.