More Date Ideas

Date Idea Inspiration

You might have noticed that we a little bit of a bias towards selecting date ideas for Sacramento, but please don't fret! No, seriously. No more fretting. If you are in need of some date ideas and live somewhere else, take a look at our date ideas below! We promise that you will find something you, actually, we promise that you will find something you've never thought of before!

  1. Go Skinny Dipping!
  2. Volunteer for an event! You can find volunteer opportunities on Volunteer Match.
  3. Go on an evening bike ride.

    Explore your neighborhood or a nearby bike path and cruise around with your sweetheart. Extra romantic points can be earned during dusk bike rides.

  4. Take Dance Lessons

    Learning a new dance with your lover opens up tons of new opportunities. First, the two of you working on learning something new and learning more about the way your bodies communicate. Once you get the basics down, you'll be able to participate in balls, milongas, and other social gatherings. And further down the line, you'll have a new skill that you can break out in almost any city on any trip.

  5. Go on a sushi date! But, don't just order and eat sushi like you normally would. Try some of these ideas to wasabi things up such as:
    1. 1. Feed each other sushi. Yep, be super cute and feed each other sushi. It's a team building exercise!
    2. 2. Try saki bombs! (Place your chopsticks on top of your beer and balance your shot of saki on top of the sticks, then bang on the table so that it falls in and then drink!)
    3. 3. Write down the ingredients (or keep the menu) and make your partner guess the ingredients of their roll and yours. Winner gets another saki bomb!
  6. Check out and check out a meetup the two of you are interested in.
  7. Rent stand up paddle boards and go explore!
  8. Recreate your first date
  9. Recreate your parent's first date.
  10. Recreate your partner's parent's first date
  11. Find an open mic night at a nearby coffee shop or music venue and write a poem on how you two first met and perform it.
  12. Go to a museum neither of you have been to before. Bonus date points if you dress up in a theme related to the museum you are visiting!
  13. Watch a movie in the park.

    During the summers many neighborhood communities feature movie showings in local parks. Keep an eye out for these! They are usually free and all you need to do is bring some snacks and a blanket. It's a great way for a cozy, cuddly date night.

  14. Cook dinner with only items from the farmers market

    Plan out your dinner with only ingredients you can get your local farmers market.

  15. Go to the local roller rink.

    Bonus points if you make this a theme date. 70s disco date, anyone?

  16. Go to a Goodwill, spend $10 on a datenight outfit and go out together. Bonus points for being ridiculous and making up fake names to go with your outfit. Then take pictures and post with the hashtag #goodwilldatenight.
  17. Find your nearest waterfall and explore it!
  18. Play truth or dare!
  19. Go gocarting!
  20. See a movie and dress up like two of the characters.
  21. Have a picnic on your roof and watch the sunset together.
  22. Have a Taste Around Town Date.

    Enjoy an appetizer, cocktail, entre, and dessert at four different restaurants and locations. This will keep you moving through the evening and exploring new places without having to stick the traditional "dinner date night."

  23. Clean up litter! Make an impact in our local community and clean up the litter at a nearby park. Not only will you bond as a couple by making the world a better place, you can show the world what an awesome does in their spare time ;)