More Date Ideas

Fun Date Night Ideas for At Home

We can't go out every night on a spectacular date. And, who would when we can be cozy in our own homes with our sweetheart? Quality time is quality time, it doesn't matter where you have it.

But, that doesn't mean that we can't have fun new experiences at home for an in-house date night. So, instead of falling back on watching Netflix or mindlessly surfing the web, use these date ideas to exercise some of your creativity and have some fun together doing things you probably haven't done!

Below you will find a collection of date ideas for at home. Make sure to come back because these babies are updated every week.

  1. Ready to fall in love…. for the second time?

    In 1997, a group of psychologists claimed that they created a set of questions that if two people were able to honestly answer in front of one another, then they could fall in love. These questions start off easy and grow in intensity.

    There are three sets of fifteen questions, and they should take about 45 minutes to answer.

    Can you make it through? Here's the quiz. (Don’t worry, these questions are for people that don’t know each other and they won’t make you ask one another questions best left to a marriage counselor).

  2. Blindfold Taste Test

    This one is easy. Go pick up a couple good tasting foods and blindfold your partner and make them guess what they are eating! This can be fun, sexy, or a test of faith, depending on what foods you choose.

    Some ideas: different types of candies, jelly bellies, cheese/salted meats/fresh fruit variations, different types of ice creams, different types of wines...get creative!

  3. Serenade Your Sweetheart in Multiple Languages

    Take a chance and be creative and silly by writing a poem for each other.

    Here are some other twists to make this a bit more eventful:

    Write each other a love poem in Pig Latin, serenade your partner (really, serenade as if your lives depended on it) and then they have to try and guess what you wrote. As an example, here are the first two lines of Robert Frost's The Road Not Taken and their Pig Latin translation.

    Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,

    And sorry I could not travel both...

    And in Pig Latin...

    O-Tway oads-ray iverged-day in-yay a-yay ellow-yay ood-way.

    And-yay orry-say I-yay ould-cay ot-nay avel-tray oth-bay.

    If you can make that sound sexy, your sex life must be out of this world. Wondering how to speak Pig Latin? Here are the instructions. If Pig Latin is harder to write in that you expected, use this translator. Once you've written your poem, why not listen to it in a few different languages with Google's translator? ? Better yet, attempt to read your poem in as many different languages you can.

  4. Create an Imposter Test

    So, the future is pretty much here. Robots are popping up everywhere. We need to make sure that our sweethearts are our sweethearts, so this week’s at home date idea is to come up with a set questions that will make sure your sweetheart isn’t a robot posing as your sweetheart!

    The two of you have to come up with a set of questions that only the two of you know. My girlfriend and I created a couple and I feel pretty certain that I’m not going to have any trouble with robots any time soon.

    An example of one of mine was, “What was the name of the fusion food we made up while camping near Mt. Shasta?”

    One of hers was, “Where did we go for our first cocktail.”

    And, if your sweetheart doesn’t know the answer to your question, cut them slack :)

  5. Bring the Club Home

    We can't always get out of the house, stay up late and pay for overpriced drinks, but we that doesn't mean we can't dance our butts off at home! The recipe for a club night at home is simple: a couple of your favorite homemade cocktails, some of your favorite dance music ( here's a fun, bouncy suggestion of mine ), and some fun lighting! You can buy a lightbulb like this at most Walmarts and there you have it, instant disco.

  6. History 101: Your life

    You’re together now, but would you have been when you were in school? Pull out the yearbooks if you have them, and walk each other through two or three of your favorite days in high school or college. Be specific and enjoy the nostalgia. Try role playing some of those classic high school moments that everyone goes through such as:

    1. 1. Asking them out to a dance or prom?
    2. 2. Running into them between classes and sparking up a conversation.
    3. 3. Talk about each other's sports teams, clubs, or classes in present-tense, as if these things happened to you today.

    As you can tell, role playing is highly-advised

  7. Walk Down Memory Lane

    Take some time to write down ten of your first memories together. This can be a cooperative task, or you can do it separately and then come together to share.

  8. Decorate Coffee Mugs At Home

    Here’s a really easy DIY project for the two of you to do together. All you need are some white coffee mugs and sharpies! Check it out!

  9. Farmers Market Dinner

    Go to a farmers market and pick the ingredients you need to make a full dinner using only these foods! Have fun being creative with it and brainstorm as you walk through the farmers market.

  10. Origami and Sushi Date Night at Home

    For a cute night in try having a Japanese-themed date night. Start with dinner by making your own sushi and then have some fun creating origami together. Here are instructions for making sushi and instructions for making origami.

  11. A Christmas Date

    The elements of Christmas have all the ingredients for fun and romantic dates. Mix it up and have a Christmas themed date even if it isn't during the season!

    Have a cozy night in and make some hot cocoa or try making one of these "boozy" hot cocoa mix drinks. Some other ideas include building the gingerbread house of your dreams or writing "naughty" Christmas letters to each other while making as many dirty Christmas puns as you can.

    What makes this date idea special is exactly why it's weird: you're doing these fun things during the wrong time of the year!

  12. Learn How To Throw Knives

    Learn how to throw knives Here's an activity the two of you have probably never tried: learning how to throw knives. Say, the both of you had a tough day at work. Something like this in the safety of your backyard might just be the perfect thing to do to release all of that stress! If your normal date night borders on the "cute" side of things, something a little aggressive and silly like this might just be what you need to mix it up and surprise your partner. Here are the instructions on how to choose a knife and the correct throwing techniques.

  13. Scrapbook Date Night

    Stay the night at home and scrapbook together! Go over old memories and organize them so that you can pop them out in the future to show your friends and family.

  14. Paint Night at Home

    Exercise those creative muscles and paint or draw together. Maybe share the canvas and work together to create your drawing or painting!

  15. Create a Vision Board Together

    Vision boards are great for giving our dreams and wishes a place to be seen. Why not make one with your sweetheart?

    Grab some lifestyle magazines and tear out the images and phrases that describes how you want your relationship to look like. Maybe look for mountains to show the reliability you see in your relationship? Or look for love quotes to express how you feel. Or images that express in-jokes the two of you have. Or, maybe create a vacation vision board of places you want to explore!

    The great thing about this date idea is that you will have something tangible to show. Pin up the vision board in your bedroom or on your refrigerator to remind yourselves what your vision together looks like!

  16. Write your love song

    Write a song together about your relationship.