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Get the best burger in town on your next date

Getting a juicy burger for date might not be the most inventive of date ideas, but sometimes it just makes for the perfect, simple date.

To try mixing it up, try out of these 8 burger joints and restaurants found within Sacramento. Thrillist Food Writer, Kevin Alexander, has been on a yearlong mission to find America's best cheeseburger and continued through Sacramento on his quest. Although, the Squeeze Burger might seem a little out of place among these Sacramento staples, he pulled out some unique stops.

And here are the eight best burgers in Sacramento:

  1. 8. Nationwide Freezer Meats: The French Ground Steakburger
  2. 7. Broderick Roadhouse: The Old School Burger
  3. 6. Scott's Burger Shack: The Fatboy Burger with Cheese
  4. 5. Squeeze Burger: Squeeze with Cheese, Grilled Onions, and Thousand Island
  5. 4. Formoli's Bistro: Whiskey Burger
  6. 3. Pangea Bier Cafe: Pangea Burger
  7. 2. LowBrau: LB Burger With American
  8. 1. South: The South Burger
For the most part, all of these are located around downtown, midtown, or Curtis Park.

The Pangea Burger

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