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You've probably seen the horse-drawn carriages in Old Town Sacramento and Downtown and thought, "That looks fun. I want to do that." Only thing, you probably never followed up on it. Well, the time is now. It's fun, it's cute, and will make for a unique date, whether it's just a piece of the date or the entire outing.

Top Hand Ranch has several different options for carriage rides in Sacramento. Their goal: to provide a little touch of the past in Sacramento's most historic and scenic areas.

Top Hand Ranch has three main rides to choose from that will show you different areas of Sacramento from the perspective of the backseat of a carriage.

The first option, a ride through Old Town Sacramento. These rides are the shortest of their options at 10 to 15 minutes but can be a fun addition to an outing in Old Town. Clop, clop, clop amongst Old Town's Saloonish architecture! This ride is $15 per carriage (not per person).

The second option: the Promenade and Park ride. Take a ride along the Sacramento River and the Tower Bridge. You can add in the option of being taken by the Crocker Art Museum to see its beautiful Victorian architecture. These options range from $30-$40 per carriage.

The third option and the longest: the Capitol. The Top Hand Ranch will treat you to a ride through Capitol Park's 40 acres and around the Capitol and the many monuments and memorial pieces the park is known for. This ride ranges from 50 minutes to one hour. The cost for this ride is $50 per carriage.

Make sure to call in advance to reserve a time and day with Top Hand Ranch for your carriage ride using the phone number specified in The Specifics below.

Top Hand Ranch's Carriage in Front of the Sacramento State Capitol

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