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Jenkinson Hike

Take an 8-mile hike around Jenkinson Lake

Looking for moderately long hike that isn't going to kill you? Jenkinson Lake up in Sly Park has a great 8 mile hike that takes you around the lake. While the length might seem long for some, the hike itself is not very difficult. It's reasonably flat, well shaded, and the dirt path is nice on the joints.

A View of the Lake from the Northern Side

Midway through the hike on the northeast side of the lake, you will find a manmade waterfall which is called the Park Creek Waterfall. The waterfall is about 3 miles from the entrance of the park (which is the easiest place to park), and makes a great place to have a picnic. So, make sure to pack a small lunch, so that you can take a break and celebrate the beauty of the waterfall!

The Park Creek Waterfall

Past the waterfall, you will continue on walking down the eastern side. The only unfortunate part of the hike is once you reach the end of the trail on the southeastern side, you will have to walk alongside Mormon Emigrant Trail service road. The plus side, though, is that you get to walk across the reservoir damn on your way back to the entrance where you parked.

So, for parking: When you are coming towards the lake on Sly Park Road, you will turn left onto Lakewood Drive. This is the entrance to the lake - this will be very obvious. It costs $15 to park for the day. The trail is simple to find - it follows the shoreline along the majority of the lake - just not the southeastern side.

Two Kayakers at Jenkinson Lake

Two kayakers on the lake. Also, inspiration for your next date!

A picture of the shaded trail

The Specifics:

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Jenkinson Lake Website


4771 Sly Park Road, Lakewood Dr, Pollock Pines, CA 95726

Extra Tips:

Afterward, you will probably be hungry and the most immediate answer to your cravings will be the Sly Park Resort which happens to be right across the street from the entrance to the fairgrounds. They serve burgers, fries, and other foods you might find at a bar and grill. After your 8 mile hike, there will be nothing better than a beer and a burger (assuming you are not a vegetarian and you enjoy beer).