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A Funky Pedicab Date

Take a Pedicab Through the Heart of Sacramento

If a horse carriage ride isn't really your date night style, but you still feel the desire for a leisurely ride through Downtown, Midtown or Old Town Sacramento to see the sights, feel the warm summer air against your face (and without having to sweat for it), you might have to try a pedicab ride!

You've probably seen them driving around town - they are lit with colorful LED lights and are playing fun funky music (funky music at least in our experience). Chances are, it was probably full so you couldn't hop in yourself at that moment.

How to Arrange Your Very Own Pedicab Date

We met Dennis, one of Sacramento's pedicab tax drivers and had to share his information so that you could arrange a pedicab yourself. So, for your next date night in Sacramento, why not make it a night to take a pedicab through the heart of Sacramento! Arranging this event with Dennis is up to you, but consider starting in Midtown, taking a ride through Downtown, all the way to Old Town Sacramento for a ride along the riverfront, and then going through Capitol Park on the way back!

Arrange a pedicab to pick you up on your next date in Sacramento!

Pedicab Prices, Times, and Hours

  • A complete ride from Midtown to Oldtown and back takes about an hour and costs $80
  • For shorter rides, such as from Midtown to Downtown or Capitol Park, expect about $25
  • Dennis is available most Friday and Saturday nights, however he may make arrangements for other nights. You will need to inquire yourself. Contact Details Below

So, for your next date night out in Sacramento, take a pedicab ride! Whether it's before or after getting dinner, going dancing, or seeing a show, spice up the night and go for a ride!

Dennis and His Pedicab!

The Specifics:

Cost per Person:


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(916) 712-4959