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Sacramento Wine Tasting

Lucid Winery's Fun, Organic Wine Tasting

Lucid Winery is a newer wine tasting room and wine bar in Downtown Sacramento, located off of R Street in the R Street Corridor. Lucid is known for experimental wine blends, wine/beer hybrids, sparkling wines, and ciders - so there's always something new on tap.

The wine tasting room itself is full of interests as well. A huge library of books linger near the back on bookshelves and the staff encourages you to take a look at them and read while you drink. There's also a private room that you can reserve that has a bunch of different instruments. It's surrounded by walls of wine barrels which makes it feel enclosed and secretive. A very fun feeling!

The Secret Wine Tasting Room

The Specifics:


(916) 384-0076


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1015 R St, Sacramento, CA 95811