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Go Wine Tasting at the Perry Creek Winery

The Perry Creek Winery is a short 30 minute drive from Folsom and about an hour from Sacramento. Located in Fair Play, it's off the beaten path in comparison to many of the wineries that are found in Placerville, but that just means it's a bit more personal.

A trip to Perry Wine means a pleasant drive through the foothills underneath tall pine trees and through winding roads - the perfect combination to pull you out of your daily routine to let you focus on the task at hand: a date with your sweetheart. The winery is a short drive from the main road of Perry Creek Road and is far enough to make the winery feel intimate and hidden. The tasting room and front patio sit among large pine trees, so that you can enjoy a platter of cheeses, dried meats and other foods perfect for pairing with one of Perry Creek's tasty wines with the natural beauty of Fair Play to entertain you.

Enjoying a date at the Perry Creek Winery on the patio and sipping delicious wine and eating from their tasty platter assortment.

Eating our platter on the patio.

Perry Creek's Favorite Wines

Perry Creek offers a full selection of wines but is known best for their reserve Altitude wines and rare Cobra wines. The Altitude wines are raised at an average of 2400 feet and combine the notable fruitiness of high mountains with oak integration. Meanwhile, the Cobra series is a selection of Perry Creek's best fruit - fruit hung for extended periods of time to deeply develop and ripen to produce the Cobra's complex and bold flavors. Plus, the Cobra series is extra rare, only producing 300 cases per year.

Visiting Perry Creek Winery in Fairplay and checking out all of their barrels of wine.

Among Perry Creek's many wines!

The Perry Creek Winery

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11:00 AM-5:00 PM


(530) 620-5175


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7400 Perry Creek Road, Somerset CA 95684